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16 March 2007 @ 05:08 pm
Reviews for 3/15  
Here we go, my reviews for last night's Grey's Anatomy and Smallville.


I loved this episode. Although I was a little confused at first, with all the time chaging. But once I figured out the time changing thing I was good. Let's start wuth the good. Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Lana (who I still think is a complete waste of space) finally found out Clark's secret. Well, partly. She thinks he's just a simple meteor freak, but of course Clark is soooo much more than that. Hopefully now she'll stop whining. Although I doubt that. Chloe rocked as usual. I wonder what her power is? Can't blame her for freaking out, I probably would too. Besides she has Clark as her own personal bombsquad! Loved seeing Jimmy again, although I thought he was done for the season. Glad to see otherwise. Martha and Lionel (who I'll get to later) were back as well. Good to see them. I really missed Lois though. I know a lot of fans don't like her but I do.

Now on to the really important thing...the wedding. I really didn't think there would be one. Poor, poor Clark. I feel so bad for him. Just when it looks like he's going to see some happiness it get snatched from him by none other than Lionel Luthor. At least we know where Lionel stands on the evil scale. He's back, everyone, and just as evil as ever. And Lex killed a man. Good grief, he's got it bad. No idea what he (or Clark, for that matter) sees in Lana, but she's made him a very, very desperate man. Looks likes he's going to be Lionel's lacky once again. Maybe Lana will pick up a thing or two, who knows? I definitely like her better when she indulges in her dark side. Now I really want to know what is up with Lana's pregancy, cause you know it's not normal...

Grey's Anatomy

Another good episode. Not the best ever but what can you do? Still great tv. Izzie is offically on my last nerve. Can she not keep her mouth shut? Not real happy with George either at the moment. If that last scene is what I think it was, then poor, poor Callie. She does not deserve this. He's the one who asked her to marry him. Looks like George may have to move into Mer's again, after all. What's up with Alex living there now? Not that I'm opposed or anything. Just wondering. I'm kind of scared of the Jane Doe storyline. I just don't want it to turn into another Denny situation. But then again, I love seeing this side of Alex. He's my third favorite character, after Derek and Mer. Speaking of the MerDer, how adorable are they? Loved Derek volunteering to come to dinner with her dad. That's sad that Thatcher could not even remember that it was Mer in that picture. He better start making an effort or I'm gonna wind up hating him even more than I already do! Somehow I knew that Derek would wind up talking to Thatcher about Mer. "She's worth it." You tell him Derek. No one knows that better than him.

The race for chief's gonna be interesting. Colin rocks! I love him. Him and Christina? Wow. Burke looked pissed, and I can't say I blame him. Especially after the three years thing. Burktina's only been together less than a year. Yikes. Addison and Mark, why are the writers even bothering? With the spinoff in the works, there's no point in getting wrapped up in any romantic entanglements of Dr. Montgomery. Especially now that my beloved Addisex is gone. What a waste! I was really looking forward to that. As long as Alex does not get back together with Izzie, I'll find a way to deal. Loved the attendings arguing in the halls. Hopefully this means that the Chief won't really retire, cause I don't want Richard to leave. I can't believe that Derek actually bullied a patient (and his close friend) into that surgery. He must want to be chief really bad. I personally belive he's the best candidate, but we'll see.

Overall a great night of tv. Tonight I'll be watching two reruns of House. Ah, Greg. Later, everyone! 
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