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Life/Writing Update

Greeting F-list!

I know I've been a MAJOR slacker when it comes to updating this thing. Sorry about that. Due to real life events, I should now have much more time to, you know, WRITE. Huzzah!

Life update: I have now graduated from college. Again. I now hold a master's degree in history from Middle Tennessee State University. 6.5 years of hard (and sometimes not so hard) work have paid off. All I have to do now is find a job, which considering the luck most of my school friends have had, is a tad frightening. Wish me luck!

LJ update: I've changed my banner. In the last few months, my David Tennant obsession has kinda taken over. After discovering the fellow DT fans on Twitter, I have embraced all things DT. Long live the #AbsoluteDTfangirls!!!!!!!! Ideally, I would like a layout that flows better but I am clueless when it comes to HTML. So a new banner into the old layout will have to do for now.

Fandom update: OMG, where to begin. One year ago saw the demise of my beloved Ten. I have not seen a frame of Doctor Who since. I have no desire to watch Lurch, or as he's known to the rest of the world Matt Smith. The idea of someone else piloting the TARDIS makes me ill. And I HATE River Song with the fire of a thousand suns. So until the Moff and Lurch are gone I'm out. Fortunately, I have plenty of other DT projects to keep me busy!

Aside from DT, I am thoroughly enjoying the new seasons of Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Smallville, Castle, Chuck, Hawaii Five-O, Nikita and Supernatural. I'm convinced that TVD and Fringe are the best shows on tv at the moment, Golden Globes and Emmys be damned. I'm excited for the premiere of Game of Thrones in April on HBO. I'm reading the books and they're very good so far!

One other project I've taken on is a complete viewing of the Star Trek franchise. I blame J.J. Abrams and the new Enterprise crew. Almost singlehandedly they have revived my love of Trek. TNG was my favorite show when I was young, but I got away from Trek in high school. But the new movie brought it all back. I think I've seen it over 50 times. Then I started to listen the TrekCast podcast at work and began to realize just how much Trek I was missing. I'd never seen Voyager, I bailed on DS9 around the time TNG ended and Enterprise never really registered on my radar. The only Trek series I'd seen in their entirety were TOS and TNG. So I decided to go back to the beginning and watch it all. A daunting undertaking to say the least. Over the summer, I watched Enterprise. I know it's technically the last series, but it depicts events that happened prior to TOS, so my inner historian demanded I watch it first. And I LOVED it. I now have a new favorite Trek character (Trip Tucker) and ship (Trip/T'Pol). Huzzah! I'm currently on season 2 of TOS. I got a bit derailed by my last semester of school, but I can get back to it now. I'm very excited to watch TNG again. :)

Finally, now that school is over, I get back to writing. I have a bunch of unfinished fics and tons of ideas for new ones. I'm currently on a Damon/Elena kick, so I'll be writing alot about them. But expect work on some of my other ships too. And yes, I WILL finish the unfinished ones. I will not be Stephanie Meyer and hold them hostage.

I think that's it. Happy New Year everyone!
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