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16 January 2010 @ 06:25 pm
Doctor Who 2009 Specials - A Retrospective  
Well, this it. The final episodes of Doctor Who with David Tennant as the Doctor. *sniff* Let's just rip off the band aid and get to it! Allons-y!

The Next Doctor - Before we can get to the 2009 specials proper, we have the 2008 Christmas special. This one reunites our favorite Time Lord with his Blackpool costar David Morrissey! Yay! The Doctor lands in 1851 London and hears a woman calling for "the Doctor." Naturally, he goes running and finds out the woman isn't calling for him, but for David Morrissey. WTF? The Doctor thinks this is a future incarnation of himself at first and tries to play dumb. It seems genuine enough at first, the other Doctor talks of his sonic screwdriver, the TARDIS and even has a companion called Rosita!  I'll admit I was a tad confused for a bit there. Nicely played, Rusty. Fortunately, the Doctor is cleverer than me and realized that David Morrissey isn't a future version of himself but merely a human that's had a major trauma. The info stamp that carries the Doctor's history is very cool. All of the Doctor's previous incarnations are there including Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor. See, he IS canon, people! Anyway, the Cybermen are trying to take over the Earth with the help of a Miss Hartigan. We never really get a clear idea on who she is or why exactly she so pissed off, other than her general man hate. I'll admit the villain part is not the strong point of this special. But then again the Cybermen aren't my favorite monsters anyway. I like this one for the two Davids. Anyone who's seen Blackpool can attest to the Morrissey/Tennant chemistry. And it was on full display here. So for that, I say thank you. :-)

Music of the Spheres - Doctor Who at the Proms. Which is like the Cardiff concert, but at the Royal Albert Hall. :-) A nice adorable clip of the Doctor on the TARDIS writing a piece of music he calls, "An Ode to the Universe." The TARDIS gets invaded by something the Doctor calls a Grask. Then a portal opens allowing the Doctor to talk to the audience in the Royal Albert Hall. So awesome. If I were one of this little kids I'd have been going bonkers. Must have been quite a treat for the people who were there. The Doctor sends his sheet music to the orchestra through the portal and conducts them with the sonic screwdriver. The music is rubbish, but it's an awesome moment anyway.

Planet of the Dead - The 2009 Easter special. A lot of people aren't crazy about this one. And I understand that to a point. But at this point I'm going to take any and all Tennant I can get. It kind of reminds me of the season 5 Angel episode "Girl in Question." A kinda pointless, funny romp for the boys in Italy before the shit really hits the fan. Planet of the Dead fulfills the same function. The Doctor and a bus full of people accidentally travel through a worm hole to another planet. A desert planet. While the other occupants of the bus try to dig it out, the Doctor and Lady Christina de Souza investigate the planet, meeting an another set of aliens who've crashed too. Now I never saw Bionic Woman, so I hadn't seen Michelle Ryan in anything before this. I thought she was decent. And she gives Ten his final snog, that's gotta count for something. Since this, I've also seen her in Merlin and thought she was excellent in that. So I know she's a pretty good actress. Whatever you think of her acting you gotta admit she looks good in a cat suit. :-) Meanwhile back on earth, UNIT is covering the wormhole. The Doctor calls them and talks to the resident UNIT scientist Malcolm. I loved Malcolm. His reactions to talking to the Doctor were HILARIOUS. Embrace the funny, people. Because we're getting precious little from here on out.Bottom line, the Doctor gets the bus back to London, Malcolm closes the wormhole and all is right in the world. Well, until Carmen has to go and open her big mouth. "He will knock four times." Uh oh.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith - The two part episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The Doctor doesn't arrive until the very end of the first episode, but we keep hearing the TARDIS engines throughout the episode. Sarah Jane's has been mysteriously going out and Luke, Ronnie and Clyde are suspicious. They follow her and find out she's on a date! Before you know it Sarah announces she and Peter are engaged! Clyde firmly believes that something's fishy. He's right of course. I really liked Clyde; I thought he was the most Doctor-ish of the trio of kids. At the wedding, the Doctor bursts in and the Trickster zaps everyone into limbo. The Doctor, Clyde, Luke, Ronnie and K-9 are trapped in one second, while Peter and Sarah are trapped in another. I loved the dynamic between the Doctor and the kids. They were impressed by him, but stood their ground. They've been around the block enough to think for themselves and the Doctor didn't really treat them like children. The Doctor also had a confrontation with the Trickster. The Last of the Time Lords vs the Pantheon of Discord. This is the first we hear of "the Gate." Does that sound ominous or what? The Trickster's plan is to have Sarah marry Peter and then forget about her calling to defend the Earth. Which is a VERY bad thing. The Doctor tells Sarah that there is another way to defeat the Trickster, but she must give up Peter. Poor Sarah. Day saved, the Doctor disappears. But wait, the TARDIS is materializing in Sarah Jane's attic! Holy crap! The kids and Sarah take a look around the TARDIS and it's awesome. Then we get a moment between Sarah Jane and the Doctor. It made me cry! "Don't forget me." "I don't think anyone could forget you." *sniff*

Dreamland - The animated adventure. I liked it. Sure, the animation was kinda dodgy. (What was up with the Doctor's hair?!) But, I liked the story. The Doctor lands in New Mexico in the 50s. He soon finds himself in the middle of a war between the US Army and some bug like aliens whose name I can't pronounce let alone spell. There were a couple Indiana Jones shout outs that I loved. Again the American accents were bad. Well except for Georgia Moffet's. I was impressed with hers actually. All round a nice little animated adventure that gives us some breathing room before shit hits the fan. ;-)

The Waters of Mars - The beginning of the end. The Doctor lands on Mars in 2059. He finds himself at Bowie Base One on the worst possible day. November 21, 2059, the day the base mysteriously exploded. And using his awesome Time Lord powers he knows there isn't anything he can do to stop it. What happens on Mars must always happen. But the Doctor gets corralled into helping by the base's commander, Captain Adelaide Brooke, played by the uber awesome Lindsay Duncan. I really loved Adelaide. The woman who had starlight in her soul. Sadly for her (and the Doctor), things go from bad to worse in a hella hurry. The Flood starts taking over members of the crew and Adelaide decides to evacuate. She gives the Doctor his spacesuit back and tells him to get out too. But as the Doctor's leaving he finds the airlock is locked. Adelaide and the Doctor have a painful conversation about why the Doctor told her that she and the others were destined to die. I'll admit there was some sniffling. Poor Adelaide. Poor Doctor. It gets even worse as the Doctor begins the slow walk back to the TARDIS, listening to the crew die as he goes. Turn the comm off, Doctor, for the love of god. But when the rocket blows up, the Doctor decides that enough is enough. He can't just stand idly by while people dies. He's the last of the Time Lords, dammit! And this is where the Doctor officially becomes scary. He marches back into Bowie Base One determined to save the three remaining crew. He's acting like an out and out nutter. It's eerily similar to the Master. Yikes. The Doctor uses the robot to get the TARDIS, which he uses to take Adelaide and the others home. Adelaide is disgusted. "Tough." The Doctor is the Time Lord Victorious and there's nothing he can't do anymore. Oh dear. Adelaide takes matters into her own hands and kills herself. Horrified, the Doctor turns and sees Ood Sigma standing in the snow. And I'm crying again. The Doctor does the exact same thing I would do. He runs.

The End of Time, Part 1 - The first part of the two part finale. We start with Wilf in a church and a voice over by someone who sounds suspiciously like James Bond. The Doctor arrives in the Oodsphere and finds out that the universe is having bad dreams. Dreams of the Master who is supposed to be dead and they herald the end of time. The Doctor takes off and lands a very normal looking Earth. But the Master is back, resurrected by a few crazy people. But the Master is not well. He's constantly hungry and has crazy powers. Lightening and leaping. Where the frak is Superman when you need him? The Doctor stalks the Master across a wasteland, but gets interrupted by Wilf and his geriatric Doctor hunters. Nice funny moment with Minnie the Menace groping the Doctor. She is now the envy of Tennant fangirls everywhere. :D Wilf takes the Doctor to a cafe and they have one of the great heart to hearts in Who. Cue the hysterical sobs. David and Bernard were so terrific in this scene. We see poor Donna, living a half life with her new fiance. The Doctor leaves in search of the Master again and they meet in the wasteland. The Master launches a bunch of lightening at the Doctor, finally hitting him in the chest. The Doctor collapses and the Master takes advantage by going on a rant about Gallifrey and the drums in his head. The Master uses his telepathy and the Doctor finally hears the drums. Another chase culminates in the Master getting captured and the Doctor getting knocked out. When he comes to the Doctor finds Wilf and asks if there's anything weird going on. Wilf tells the Doctor about the book Donna gave him for Christmas, a book by creepy looking Jeremy Naismith. Wilf finally gets his ride in the TARDIS when he and the Doctor go to investigate Naismith's mansion. Woot! Meanwhile the Master, who is also at the mansion, fixes the Immortality Gate. That can't be good. The Doctor and Wilf meet the cactus aliens, who are there to salvage the Gate, and hilarity ensues. But once the Doctor realizes the Master is there he takes off and crashes the Naismiths' party. The Master, to the Doctor's horror, leaps into the Immortality Gate ad proceeds to turn the entire population into him. And Donna's starting to remember. And the Time Lords are back. Terrific.

The End of Time, Part 2 - Despite the sadness and depression this episode inevitably cases, I do love it. James Bond is back as the Lord President. And the Time Lords are crazy. We finally see why the Doctor quite rightly destroyed them. The Lord President is batshit. He is the one responsible for the drums in the Master's head. It was a signal from the Time War (which is Time-locked) to Earth. And as the Master so helpfully points out, it is now magnified by six BILLION times by the Master population of earth. The Doctor and Wilf are tied up when Donna calls. Her head is burning as she remembers. But as a bunch of Masters come after her, something zaps out of her head and knocks them out. The Doctor is grinning. "Did you really think I'd leave my best friend defenseless?" Yay! Then the cacti rescue Wilf and the Doctor. "Worst. Rescue. Ever." The Doctor, Wilf and the cacti teleport to the cacti's ship, which the Doctor promptly breaks. And they're stuck. The Master starts concentrating on the signal and the Lord President is ecstatic. Did I mention he was batshit? The Doctor is tinkering with the heat when Wilf finds him. The woman has told Wilf that the Doctor is in his final battle and must take up arms or lose himself. Another conversation between the Doctor and Wilf that causes hysterics. Wilf's simple, unshakeable faith in the Doctor is truly moving. Not even the Doctor's admission of his darker side can cause Wilf to change his mind. Wilf desperately wants the Doctor to live. We're right there with you, Wilf. "Sometimes I think the Time Lord lives too long." The Master's voice fills the ship and he tells the Doctor about the star that has fallen to earth. A star that can only be found on Gallifrey. And now, finally, the Doctor understands what is happening. The Time Lords are returning. And that's really, really bad. A few zaps of the sonic screwdriver and the spaceship is back online! The Doctor pilots it back to earth with a final "Allons-y!" *sniff* A bit of Star Wars action, a plunge through a skylight. Battered and bleeding the Doctor tries to point Wilf's gun at the Lord President, but can't. Rassilon turns the humans back, much to the Master's dismay. The Doctor gets up and points the gun at Rassilon. Then at the Master. Back and forth we got for a bit. The Doctor is horrified by either option but knows he has to do something. It's not just the Time Lords who are returning; it's the whole of Gallifrey and the Time War. Hell. The Doctor glances to the right and sees Wilf's mysterious woman. She's crying, but nods ever so slightly at the Doctor. The Doctor turns and tells the Master to get out of the way. He shoots the machine that created the link and sends the Time Lords back into hell to die. Rassilon is determined to take the Doctor with them. But the Master tells the Doctor to get out of the way. And the crying begins. The Master uses his crazy powers to take on Rassilon. They all disappear in some blinding light. The Doctor is on the floor. It slowly dawns on him that he's alive. He's alive!!! There are four knocks. It's Wilf. Wilf, in his determination to help the Doctor, his simple desire to help, has ensured the Doctor's death. During the melee, Wilf let one of the technicians out of the radiation chamber, trapping himself inside. I haven't actually seen the Doctor's tantrum at the injustice of this clearly. Heard it, yes. Seen it, not so much. I'm too busy hysterically weeping. Huge, gut wrenching sobs. I would be lying if I said that there wasn't a tiny part of me that wanted the Doctor to leave Wilf there. I adore Wilf. And I know there was no way the Doctor would abandon him. But, oh man. Wilf begs the Doctor to leave him, but the Doctor's not having that. "It would be my honor." *sob* The Doctor steps into the chamber, Wilf steps out and the Doctor painfully absorbs the deadly radiation. No regeneration. Not yet. But it's starting. *more sobs* The Doctor takes Wilf home. And then he off to get his reward. Martha and Mickey. Who are married. Huh? But it doesn't matter because I'm sobbing again. Then Luke and Sarah Jane. More weeping.Then Jack and Alonso. *sob* Then Verity Newman, the great granddaughter of Nurse Redfern. The Journal of Impossible Things. "Was she happy? In the end?" Yes, I think she was. Were you?" More sobs. Then Donna. The Doctor talks to Wilf and Sylvia, giving them a wedding gift for Donna. A lottery ticket, that he borrowed a quid from Donna's dad to buy. The Doctor leaves with Wilf saluting and blowing a kiss. Still crying over here. And finally, finally Rose. Not Rose as we last saw her in Pete's World. This is a Rose that doesn't yet know the Doctor. He's standing in the shadows, just wanting a glimpse of her. Timelines and all that, you know. But he can't resist talking to her. He gets one last smile and begins the painful walk back to the TARDIS. His time is rapidly approaching. He almost doesn't make it, collapsing in the alley. My worst fear was nearly realized: that the Doctor would die alone, in an alley, in the snow. But Ood Sigma appears and tells the Doctor will sing him to his sleep. Did I mention the weeping? The Doctor walks back to the TARDIS and enters it for the last time. His hand begins to glow. He sets the controls one last time and heads into the Vortex as the Ood sing. "I don't want to go." I'm crying so hard I can't even see the screen properly. Regeneration hits and the Tenth Doctor is no more.

I won't comment too much on Eleven. I can't even look at him. Seeing someone else in Ten's suit is too much for me to handle. If you're going to try and convince me to give him a chance, you can save your breath. It's not going to happen. For me the Tenth Doctor will never truly be gone. I'll be taking up permanent residence in Pete's World, thank you very much.

Thus ends both David Tennant's and Russell T. Davies' run on Doctor Who. Thank you, RTD, David and all the rest of the cast and crew for five wonderful years. It's been a blast full of thrills, romance, hilarity and heartbreaking drama. Your legacy will live on in all of us who've loved the ride as much as you did bringing it to us! Thank goodness for DVDs and fan fic.
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I am the Chosen One: tardiscardiffprincess__di on January 17th, 2010 01:38 am (UTC)
The actor who voiced Jimmy (Tim Howar) in Dreamland is a Canadian who is based in the UK. Amazingly talented singer (lead singer of a band called Van Tramp) and just a really really nice guy. He played Roger in the Broadway cast of Rent in 2006-2007. His American accent couldn't have been that bad, could it?

I thought the specials were to an extent, cheesy. Though I did like the last 20 min of End of Time Part 2, from when Wilf knocked to Ten's last line...though I was sobbing the whole time.

thanks for your perspective. I hope to get the specials for my birthday next month. Will most likely avoid watching them online till then since I am in the middle of my own rewatch. Just started series 2.
michellemtsu: DW - 10/Tardismichellemtsu on January 17th, 2010 02:10 am (UTC)
I wouldn't say Tim's accent was bad exactly. The character of Jimmy was Native American, but he sounded like every stereotypical Native American I've ever seen on TV. I was hoping for better I suppose. Knowing Tim's Canadian puts it in better perspective though, thanks for that! :)

I've got my box set preordered already; it should be in my mailbox on Feb. 2! I can see the word cheesy being applied to the first two specials, but I thought the last three were just brilliant.*shrugs*
(Anonymous) on January 17th, 2010 01:38 am (UTC)
The one moment that got me was when Wilf and the Doctor were in the cafe talking about dying when the Doctor says, "I'm going to die you know.."
Wilf replies, "So will I."
The Doctor, "Don't you dare!"
That look and that phrase had me in tears. Great review and more *tears* for me.
~ CinJudes ~: dr who - 10/martha - 3.09 - tardis field_cinjudes_ on January 17th, 2010 02:07 am (UTC)
And now, I'm crying again. AGAIN!!! I agree completely, on every word on every special. I'm still less than a week from my 2nd EoT viewing and the pain is still so fresh. And the pain of losing our beloved Tenth Doctor was framed gloriously in some of the most brilliant television writing I have ever seen.

The rest of the specials where good as well and I agree with your opinions on them, although I was a bit bored by Planet of The Dead - but after rewatching I appreciate it for the lighthearted fair we needed before the shit got real. (As for Michelle Ryan - eh. She's OK. Part of her critism on Bionic Woman was b/c she played parallel to Katee Sackoff - who was FRAKIN' AMAZING in her part - the show is worth a look see for her performance alone)

I'm also with you on 10wannabe Doctor. Can't do it. Don't want to. Tennant is my Doctor, now & forever. *sob*

Edited at 2010-01-17 02:10 am (UTC)
michellemtsu: David Tennant - My Doctormichellemtsu on January 17th, 2010 02:54 am (UTC)
I particularly enjoy the commentary for Planet of the Dead. David says my name a lot. *swoon*

It really was the most brilliant end for the the best Doctor ever. 10wannabe doesn't really have prayer. I kinda feel bad for him.

I'm certain that David will have many more awesome roles that we will love, but none of them will surpass his run as the Tenth Doctor. It really was the perfect melding of actor and character. Long live Ten!
johnsheppardluv: ten is forever MY Doctorjohnsheppardluv on January 17th, 2010 04:57 am (UTC)
Hi there Michelle! :D

As my current default icon attests (*looks pointedly to her left*), I too am not into the whole Matt/11/Moffat thing (and may never be), especially since Eleven's TRASHING 'MY' Doctor's suit in the process of his first full episode.

(David had the courtesy NOT to do that to HIS previous incarnation's costume, dammit! And I figured that this trend of Doctor-incarnation-costume respect would continue...)

Seriously, is NOTHING sacred anymore? *annoyed face* *shakes fist at Moffat*

But - yeah - you did a wonderful job with these specials, mate! Great reviews, filled with funny and insightful insights, were they all! :)

Personally though, I actually think WATERS OF MARS was my fave of all the specials (just barely, anyway). :) And interestingly, that was the ONE 2008-2010 Whovian special that I wrote nothing on LJ about. *le sigh* I guess this might've been because I thought it already too perfect to rail against it for any substansial entry length? ;) I dunno...

Anyhoo - you don't have to or anything, as I DO feel quite a bit different from you about the final two-parter - but I would be totally honored, if you could take a quick gander my own, 3-part "End of An Era: The DT/RTD Edition" review, that I just recently finished posting up...

Part 1 - "End of Time, Part One" - running commentary:

Part 2 - DT's Vid Diary: The Final Days - shortish review:

Part 3 - "End of Time, Part Two"/Confidential - LOOONG review:

ALSO included in the third part of this epic-level review, are a couple of theories of mine regarding 10 vs. 11 and 10 to 11, ideas that are currently picking up steam in certain parts of Who fandom. :D

THOSE...creative *lol*...theories, if nothing else, ARE worth a look, I think. ;)

~your pal,
michellemtsu: David Tennant - My Doctormichellemtsu on January 17th, 2010 05:50 pm (UTC)
Hi Sharma!

I will gladly check out your thoughts on the specials! :)

When I saw the first pic of Matt in Ten suit...I was SO disgusted. It doesn't help that Ten died in my favorite tie. Shallow, I know, but I can't help it. I'm don't like Matt's real costume either. It looks like a cross between Jimmy Olsen and Rupert Giles! And he has really bad hair. For good measure I hate the new logo too. I haven't gotten a good look at what the inside of the TARDIS looks like yet but I'm sure I'll hate that too. It just seems like a lot of aggravation to waste on something I used to love. :(
johnsheppardluv: dw - i love tenjohnsheppardluv on January 17th, 2010 08:18 pm (UTC)
Hi Michelle!

Thanks a bunch! :)

I was not only disgusted. I was ALSO horrified and distressed. And don't even get me started on that new dingy-looking, a little-kid-could've-drawn-a-much-better-one logo (and I use "logo" in the LOOSEST terms imaginable). :(

Oh and I loved that swirly tie too! :D

And Eleven's new look reminds me of a freakin' science professor from the 1950s or something, who never updated his wardrobe to even fit in with the 90s, let alone fit in with the present day... *annoyed sigh* It's no longer geek chic for "the Doctor." It's NOW geek geek for him. *LOL*

Well, okay, you want me to tell you about the NEW interior?

(spoiler space)
(spoiler space)
(spoiler space)
(spoiler space)
(spoiler space)

It has a winding ramp-y staircase leading to a different room pretty far up and to the right or left. That different off-to-the-side room is the NEW console room.

Hence, the natural-looking coral console room of both Nine and Ten has now been relegated to what would be an inhospitable lobby or foyer area within a human home. Thus, making Nine and Ten adventures seem like yesteryear's newsprint. Again, I ask you: IS NOTHING SACRED?!? :(

All of this has prepared and propelled me to NOT want to watch Series 5 at all.

Ergo, my Doctor Who watching days might very well end with Ten, unless they bring back Ten in a multiple Doctor episode or something (which I kinda doubt they will, since Herr Moff is running things and he supposedly HATES those kinds of stories, and yes, this is even AFTER he was the one who wrote "Time Crash" -- aka the hilarious meeting of the minds and bodies of both the 10th and 5th Doctors. I swear, that man is a bloomin', bloody hyprocrite! *sigh* *frown*)

michellemtsu: David Tennant - Salutemichellemtsu on January 17th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
They did WHAT?! Well, any inclination I may have had to watch series 5 just got squashed. That's just sad. I know they want to make the Moffat era distinct from the RTD era but come ON. Is a LITTLE continuity too much to ask? Ugh.

Moffat really lost me with his series 4 two parter. I LOVED his other episodes, but then he created She Who Must Not Be Named. Any confidence I had in him evaporated. Is it wrong to hope the Herr Moff era crashes and burns?
johnsheppardluv: dw - i wish i knew how to quit youjohnsheppardluv on January 17th, 2010 09:08 pm (UTC)
My sentimentd, exactly! :( They changed the TARDIS from the INSIDE OUT (ie COMPLETELY) AND we shall also have a new, yet more OLD-school, built/made-not-grown console room. SUPPOSEDLY. :( *is annoyed and affronted at these proceedings*

Well, since I call him Herr Moff (because he reeminds me more than a little of a TV!Hitler, what with the supplanting his own skewed reality upon the true nature and reality of Doctor Who...), I'd like to think that it's safe to say your "crash and burn" desire is warranted and agreed with by me. So, no, it's not wrong at all! :)

She Who Must Not Be Named should've stayed dead in my opinion though. And noooooo she's not staying that way. He's ALREADY bringing her back. I'd go as far as to say that he could've brought JENNY back insteas and I woulda been happy (maybe even stoked). But - what's-her-face? No way in HADES do I wanna see HER again...
michellemtsu: Comic Reliefmichellemtsu on January 17th, 2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
It looks like Herr Moff is taking everything I LOVED about the RTD era and stomping it into little tiny pieces. Thanks, Herr Moff. NOT.

I don't want a new TARDIS, old school or not. And I definitely don't want She Who Must Not Be Named. And I don't want a Doctor and companion who look like jailbait. No, just no.

We'll just have to watch Nine and Ten over and over on DVD. :)
johnsheppardluv: dt the being watchedjohnsheppardluv on January 17th, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC)
My sentiments exactly! :( Herr Moff is like a naughty kid who's stomped all over someone else's (namely RTD's) beautiful sandcastle. It drives a person MAD, I tell you!!!! MAAAAD!!!

HA! Jailbait, indeed! We're almost old enough to be his mother (in maturity level, if not actual age), aren't we? *sigh*

I never thought that a 900-year-old Time Lord could look and totally act like he's still prepubscent (what with his voice breaking and squeaking like a mouse's and his spitting on the console...like THAT's gonna help anything...REAL-LY!). He doesn't even have "ancient, old eyes" like David did, eyes that held the depth of the Doctor's true age within their dark pools, for all the world to see.

And all of this talk about Matt being an old soul with an old face? Sheer Hogwash!!! :(

Ninth/Tenth Doctor DVD sets, here I come!!! :D

johnsheppardluv: dt the all hailjohnsheppardluv on January 17th, 2010 05:13 am (UTC)
PS And because of these heartfelt stellar reviews of yours, and the fact that you are so very nice and pleasent to 'talk' with, I decided to friend you.

Hope you don't mind this act of mine and mayhaps will friend me back. :) *huggles*

Besides a love for all things Tennant and Ten and Doctor Who (with the latter's love going possibly up until Ten's you-know-what into Matt, that is), we also share an October birthday (though mine's late night - 10:33 PM - on the 11th) AND a love for Capt. Mal himself, Nathan Fillion (plus, his new ABC show, Castle) AND Michael Weatherly AND NCIS/NCIS: LA AND Harry Potter AND Torchwood. :)

So, that right there is a bunch that we have in common, right? ;)

who hopefully can be
an official new friend of yours... :)
michellemtsu: David Tennant - QImichellemtsu on January 17th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Of course, I'll friend you back! As the Doctor would say: It would be my honor. :D
johnsheppardluv: ten the donna huggerjohnsheppardluv on January 17th, 2010 08:19 pm (UTC)
YAY! :D *huggles* Just don't regenerate, ok!? *worried look*