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29 August 2009 @ 12:18 am
Enough for Now, ch. 6  
Title: Enough for Now
Fandom: Southern Vampire Mysteries
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Everything through Dead and Gone is fair game!
Disclaimer: I wish they belonged to me.
Summary: As Eric and Sookie try and pick up the pieces, they find threats both within and without...
Author's note: Notice the increased rating! Hope everyone enjoys it!

Story begins here: Chapter One


Chapter Six

Tears finally spent, I pulled away from Eliza and glanced down sheepishly. “Sorry,” I mumbled. “I didn’t mean to go to pieces like that.”

“That’s quite alright, dear,” she replied kindly. “The enormity of what we have experienced would stagger nearly anyone. But you are young and resilient; I have faith that you will do what you feel is right.”

Right now I had no idea what was right. My head was still swimming with the weight of Eliza’s story. I wiped at my tears and realized that I probably looked horrible, all red and blotchy. I also realized that Eric would sense how I was feeling and come looking for me soon, but I didn’t want him to see me like this. That was a conversation I wasn’t ready to have. So I did the next best thing.

“Um, is there a bathroom around here?” I asked. “I’m sure I look awful.”

Thankfully, Eliza didn’t question me. “Of course, Sookie. Down the hall, second door on the right.”

“Thanks,” I replied gratefully and took off.

Once safely inside the bathroom, I stared at myself for a long time in the full length mirror. Much to my surprise, I didn’t look that bad. My eyes were slightly puffy and red, but it was fading quickly. I blew my nose and took a couple of steadying breaths. Calmer, I turned back to the mirror. I looked paler than normal, mostly due to my fading tan. I’d been so busy lately that I hadn’t had time to commune with the sun. I carefully considered my reflection. For the first time, I tried to imagine myself even paler still. Pale like a vampire. It wasn’t an unpleasant image.

Wait, what the hell was I thinking? I couldn’t seriously be considering that, could I? Immortality wasn’t something that I wanted, was it? Giving up the opportunity for a husband, children? Giving up what little family I had left? That was crazy. I didn’t want that. My ever so helpful brain conjured a picture of Eric, pale and gorgeous, standing next to me. Could I give him up? I wasn’t so sure about that either. Damn traitorous brain. I shook my head to clear it and decided that I didn’t need to think about the cosmic consequences of my relationship with Eric tonight. With a little luck, it would be a while before I had to make a choice. Although the fact that I was now calling it a choice was disturbing enough.

I turned and headed for the nearest stall. After availing myself of the facilities, I went to wash my hands. As I soaped up, one of the fangbangers came through the door. It was the one with the pink dress who’d ogled Eric earlier. I inwardly rolled my eyes as she primped at the sink next to mine. My shields were firmly back in place; I had no desire to know what she was thinking.

“So you’re here with tall, blond and gorgeous, right?” she asked. Her voice was high, nasal and grating.

Hoping to keep conversation to a minimum, I nodded. “Is it true he’s a real Viking?” she asked again.

I sighed. “Yeah, he is,” I said. Damn my good Southern manners. I grabbed some towels and dried my hands. When I started for the door, Miss Nosy was standing in front of me.

“Did he pick out that dress for you? It really brings out your eyes.”

OK, now this was getting a little ridiculous. “No, he didn’t. May I pass please?”

Nosy shrugged. “Sure, suit yourself.”

But as I walked past her, her hand shot out and grabbed my wrist. I yelped and tried to pull away but her grip was surprisingly strong; she must have had some vampire blood in her. However, her touch also allowed me inside her head. Man, I hope Johnny hurries up and offs that Viking. This bitch has an attitude the size of goddamn Texas! Maybe he’ll let me beat it out of her before we take her to Vegas?

Eric. They were after Eric. And me. Had to be Felipe. Why couldn’t he just leave us alone? I thought about that as I struggled, getting angrier by the second. I tried to take a swing at her, but I couldn’t get an angle with her holding my right wrist. I kicked at her shins and accidently stomped on her foot. Hard. She yelled in pain and let me go. I didn’t waste a second; I ran from the bathroom, hitching up my dress as I ran. I entered the main hall out of breath and searching frantically for Eric. I found him and Pam looking equally frantically for me. Our eyes clashed across the crowded room and Eric started shoving humans and vampires out of his way. My eyes widened when I saw a tall greasy haired vampire come at Eric from behind. I didn’t see the stake, but I didn’t need to.

“Eric, look out!” I screamed and ran toward him, already knowing I would be too late.

Eric turned to face his attacker faster than I could blink. He effortlessly swatted the now revealed stake out of vampire Johnny’s hand, picked him up by the scruff of the neck and threw him into the wall. Eric must have been a champion marksman or something because Johnny landed heart first on one of the wooden torches. I skidded to a stop next to Pam as I watched the vampire disintegrate into nothing. A gaggle of the Queen’s guards came running and chaos reigned for a few minutes.

“Sookie, what is going on?” Pam asked, as I caught my breath.

“Girl tied to detain me in the ladies’ room, so her boyfriend could get a shot at Eric,” I said between breaths. “I think Felipe sent them.”

“Felipe sent who?” Eric asked, appearing at my side. He had a couple of the Queen’s guards in tow.

“That vamp’s name was Johnny,” I replied. “His…whatever she is held me up in the bathroom, so he could kill you.”

“But why do you think the King of Nevada sent them?” one of the Queen’s guards sneered at me.

Eric bristled. “Sookie is a telepath,” he said in a warning tone. “She heard it inside the girl’s head.”

The guard’s eyes widened as I nodded. “She mentioned something about Vegas; Felipe was the logical conclusion, given the circumstances.”

The guard opened his mouth to ask a question when Eliza joined our little circle. He promptly closed it again. “Is everyone alright?” the Queen asked.

“Yes, the situation is contained, you majesty,” Eric replied as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“What happened?”

So I explained again about my encounter in the bathroom and Eric’s take down of the rogue vamp. Eliza’s expression hardened as I spoke. She turned to her guard. “Frederick, I want that girl found. Alive would be preferable.”

“Yes, your majesty.” He turned and was gone.

“Felipe will disavow all knowledge of this, you know that,” Eliza said to Eric. “Or worse, he’ll try to blame it on me.”

“If the girl is found alive, Sookie can prove that he set this up.”

I tried to follow the rest of the conversation, I really did. But all the excitement and the travel had worn me out. I tentatively raised a hand. “Um, those of us of the human persuasion are kinda tired and would like to see their bed in the near future, if you don’t mind.”

Eric tightened his grip on me. “If you will excuse us, your majesty…”

“Of course. I will put a guard on your room for the time being.”

Then Eric unceremoniously picked me up and strode toward the elevator. “You don’t have to carry me, you know,” I said petulantly. “I can walk.”

“Sookie, you just saved my life. The least I can do is carry you to our bed.”

Who was I to argue with that? We arrived at our room a few minutes later. Eric cradled me in one arm as he fished for the room key. That was when I noticed that my dress was torn. The whole left side was slashed from hem to waist. Well, that was depressing. I really liked that dress.

“What is it, Sookie?” Eric asked as he opened the door.

“I tore my dress. Must have been while I was running from the bathroom.”

“And this is a bad thing?”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s an expensive dress, Eric. I was looking forward to wearing it again.”

Eric sat me down on my feet next to the bed and surveyed my appearance. His eyes lingered on the patch of thigh that showed through the torn fabric. “I like it just the way it is,” he said quietly.

“You would,” I protested, but my heart wasn’t really in it. It was hard to muster annoyance when he looked at me like that.

“Indeed.” He reached behind me and pulled the pins from my hair causing it to tumble down my shoulders. His eyes darkened as he ran his hands down along my neck, across my shoulders and down my arms. I shivered under his intense gaze. My exhaustion evaporated and I wanted him so badly I ached.


“Yes, lover?”

“Are you going to kiss me or stare at me until I’m old and grey?”

He grinned. “Impatient, are we?” he asked.

“Damn straight.”

Eric pulled me into his chest and kissed me. I wound my arms around his neck and he lifted me up by the waist to adjust our heights. My feet were left dangling in the air but I didn’t care. I used the opportunity to kick my shoes free and then I took full advantage of the torn dress, winding my legs around his slim waist. Eric growled as he caught the scent of my arousal. We tumbled into the still made bed, Eric landing on top of me. He kissed his way along my jaw and down my neck as I struggled with his suit jacket. I got it off finally and began to loosen his tie. Eric’s hands roamed over the satin causing delicious sensations on my skin. The next thing I knew his shirt and tie were gone and my dress was torn beyond repair. Trousers, shoes and socks were gone in a flash and he laid there in all his naked glory. He grinned as I stared unabashedly at him. I wondered again what on earth he saw in me, because I still didn’t understand how I’d gotten so lucky.

I smiled and bent my head to chest, taking a nipple into my mouth. I scraped my teeth across it. Eric groaned. I moved across to the other one and reached down to stroke him. He was long and thick in my hand and I reveled in every moan. Eric wove his fingers in my hair as I kissed and licked my way down his long torso. I stopped just short of where he wanted me and he growled in frustration.

Suddenly I was on my back and Eric’s lips, teeth and fangs were attacking my breast, not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to drive me crazy with want. My panties were soaked and then they too were gone. I squirmed underneath him as his large hand slid down my stomach and brushed over my curls. His fingers nudged at my folds and pinched my clit. I cried out and tried to grind into his hand, but he yanked it away. His mouth moved onto the other breast as he pressed hard into my thigh. I clawed at his back, so far gone that I didn’t care if I drew blood.

“Eric, please.”

He pulled his head up and looked at me. His pupils were dilated to a point where only a rim of blue remained. I was sure mine were the same. Eric settled his hips between my thighs and leaned down to kiss me, fangs and all. I deliberately ran my tongue over them and nicked it drawing blood. Eric sucked greedily on my tongue as he pushed into me. I gasped at the dual sensations and wrapped my legs around his waist, driving him deeper into me. I squeezed him with my inner muscles and he thrust harder in response. As his thrusts got more and more desperate, I teetered on the edge of orgasm. Eric snaked a hand between us and had barely brushed my clit when I was coming hard. Through the haze I felt his need to bite and I turned my head to give him access. His fangs sank into my shoulder and I felt his cool release intensifying my own aftershocks.

Eric collapsed on top of me as he licked the wound closed. Then he rolled taking me with him, so that I lay sprawled across his chest. We didn’t speak for the longest time; it seemed like both of us were content to just enjoy each other’s company. I hadn’t felt like this in a long time. I was happy just being held. The fact that it was Eric who was doing the holding, especially an Eric who knew who he was, was not lost on me. If there was any doubt that I was in love with him, I was pretty sure it was gone.


“Yes, lover?”

I lifted my head to look him in the eye. I couldn’t believe I was broaching this subject but I needed to know. “What happens when I die?”

A stormy, conflicted look crossed his face. “I’m not sure, Sookie. I’ve never given much credence to theology.”

“No, I don’t mean what happens to me. I mean, what happens to you?”

His brow furrowed. “Where is this coming from, Sookie?”

Reluctantly, I climbed off him and sat up. I folded my legs under me and stared at my hands. I just started talking. I told him all about Eliza and Gabriel. I told him about the sadness that I could see in her eyes. I nearly cried a half dozen times, but I staved off the tears, knowing how Eric gets around weepy females. When I lapsed into silence, Eric sat up across from me and took my hand.

“I would live on, Sookie,” he said quietly. “I am a vampire, it is what we do.”

It was the answer I both expected and dreaded. Eric’s number one goal has always been survival, I respected that. I had no right to expect him to make some flowery pronouncement about his grief being so profound that he’d go meet the sun. That wasn’t who he was. The very idea was laughable. I would die, he would mourn and continue on. That’s the way it had to be, right?

My shoulders slumped in acceptance. “I understand, Eric.”

I felt a wave of confusion across the bond. “Sookie, look at me.” I looked up and saw the sadness, the same sadness I’d seen in Eliza. “Are you asking if I want you to stay with me? Are you asking if I’ll still want you?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. This wasn’t anything I thought I wanted. Eric, I wanted what every little girl wants. A husband, some kids and a nice home. I wanted to be normal.”

Eric gave me a small smile. “You were not born for normal, Sookie.”

“I’m getting that more and more. But it’s hard to let go of that dream, you know? It makes me feel like a failure.”

“Sookie, you are about as far from a failure as it is possible for someone to be. You work hard at a job that is beneath you, you take care of your home, and you’ve saved lives with little regard for your own. Most people would call that the opposite of being a failure.”

“Alright, alright. I’m Mother Theresa,” I groused. I was secretly (yeah, I know, blood bond, not really a secret, but still) stunned. That just might be the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. And it was Eric. That just blew my mind.

“You’re more beautiful than she was,” he replied with just a hint of mirth.

“Hey! Did you just insult Mother Theresa?”

“I am merely stating a fact, lover.” Then his expression turned serious. “No matter what you decide, Sookie, I will stay with you. Do you understand?”

I answered him with a kiss.


Chapter 7: michellemtsu.livejournal.com/34854.html#cutid1
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Çα⌠⌠αvenetianglass on August 29th, 2009 01:01 pm (UTC)
This is very good. I like the story so far, and I'm looking forward to their further adventures together. I think you have a basic grasp on Eric's character and feelings. Good job.
michellemtsu: Alexander Skarsgard 2michellemtsu on August 29th, 2009 05:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm so glad you like it!
devil_chic05: Surprise Breatherdevil_chic05 on August 29th, 2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
I'm loving your fic so far. I like that it's taking place in NYC so Sookie gets some new experiences and perspectives. Can't wait until your next chapter!
michellemtsu: Eric - Are You Picking a Fightmichellemtsu on August 29th, 2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I love NYC, so I thought it only fitting that Sookie get to enjoy it too!
justkimberlyjustkimberly on September 4th, 2009 12:09 pm (UTC)
Well, I just found your fic this morning and I am absolutely loving it! Great job. Thanks so much for sharing! :)
michellemtsu: Alexander Skarsgard 5michellemtsu on September 4th, 2009 01:27 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Thanks for reading! :)
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