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16 March 2009 @ 12:28 am
Life, Love and the Meaning of (7/12)  
Pairing: Cristina/Owen
Rating: PG
Summary: A look at Cristina and Owen's blossoming relationship from the eyes of the rest of Seattle Grace.
Disclaimer: They belong to Shonda and ABC. I'd just like to borrow Owen. Please?
Author's note: Wow, two updates in one day! Hooray! Enjoy!


Chapter Seven – Mark

Mark’s pager went off shrilly. Finally, he thought. He unclipped it and read the message. Done. – L. Thank god. Mark put away the file he was working on and hightailed it to the cafeteria. When he got there it took him a grand total of five seconds to spot Lexie in the chow line chatting animatedly with one of her fellow interns. She spotted him and tried to wave him over but Mark shook his head. It was one thing for him to date an intern; it was quite another to socialize with the other peons. He had to maintain some measure of self respect.

So instead of cutting in the line with Lexie, Mark slipped quietly in at the end, mindlessly grabbing things while keeping an eye on Lexie. He hoped she hadn’t invited any of the other worker bees to eat with her, especially after making him wait so long to begin with. It was something she would do. Not to piss him off, of course. She was just nice. To everyone. Even those who really didn’t deserve it. Like him.

He knew what people thought about him. He was a bad guy. He was the kind of guy you shielded your daughters from. He was the guy who betrayed his best friend – his brother – with his best friend’s wife. Women like Lexie didn’t fall in love with men like him. They just didn’t. So, Mark thought as he paid for his lunch, what did I do to deserve her?

Mark squashed the disturbing thought as he weaved his way to the table where Lexie was waiting – thankfully alone. She had a mischievous smile playing on her lips as she poured some dressing on her salad.

“What’s got you so happy?” Mark asked as he sat across from her.

“I’m having lunch with my very hot boyfriend. Isn’t that reason enough to be happy?”

Mark raised an eyebrow. “Flattery will get you nowhere, Little Grey. Go on, spill.”

“I really shouldn’t,” she said, biting off a forkful of salad.

Mark grabbed the pepper shaker and sprinkled some on his mashed potatoes. “Lexie, you and I both know you’re terrible at keeping secrets. Are you gonna make me pull rank on you?”

Lexie put down her fork, grinning broadly. “Dr. Hunt is dating Dr. Yang.”

Mark scoffed. “No way. Hunt and Yang? I think someone’s spent too much time cleaning Meredith’s kitchen. The household fumes have gone to your head.”

“Mark, this is serious. I saw them in the stairwell a few minutes ago.”

“I don’t believe it. How come I didn’t know about this?”

“Well, I imagine they’re trying to stay under the Chief’s radar. They were actually pretty cute together.”

Mark absently ate some of what passed for Salisbury steak. “Are you sure you’re not just messing with me?”

“Yes, Mark, I’m sure. I may be an intern but I’m not blind or deaf. What’s the big deal? I thought you liked Dr. Hunt.”

“He’s alright. For a meatballer.”

“Are you sure that’s how you should talk about the man who, you know, fixed you?”

Mark suddenly found the table top fascinating. He really didn’t want to think about that ever again. “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we talk about something else?”

They spent the rest of lunch talking about other, more mundane, hospital gossip. As soon as they finished, Mark went off in search of Derek. The news was simply too good to keep to himself. He found his erstwhile best friend at the third floor nurses’ station, writing in a patient’s chart.

“Derek! Have I got some new for you,” Mark exclaimed as he leaned over the counter.

Derek continued to scribble. “Yes, Mark, what is it?”

Mark was mildly affronted. “That’s all I get? I could get more reaction out of a monkey.”

Derek laid down his pen in exasperation. “Some of us have better things to do than spread idle gossip. There’s this thing called treating patients. Maybe you should try it sometime.”

Oops. There were times that Mark forgot that Derek wasn’t his usual mostly sunny self. While he was back at work, Derek still hadn’t fully recovered from Jen’s death. Well, at least he didn’t punch me this time.

“It’s not important,” Mark said quietly.

As he turned to go, Derek’s face softened. “Sorry, Mark. It’s been a rough day. I’m all ears for idle gossip.”

Mark flashed his Cheshire cat grin. “Hunt’s dating Yang.”

Derek smiled. “That’s your earth shattering news?”

“What?” Then the proverbial light went on. “You knew already, didn’t you?” Mark asked accusingly.


“So why didn’t I know? Am I a leper or something? Why am I always the last one in the loop?”

“Last one in the loop for what?” Hunt asked, coming around the corner.

Derek and Mark exchanged a look. Busted. Or maybe not. Mark blurted the first thing that came into his head. “Dart tournament at Joe’s,” he said, ignoring Derek’s shocked expression. “Do you play, Dr. Hunt?”

“A little. I haven’t in a long time though.”

Catching on, Derek continued, “You should play with us. Attendings versus residents. You in?”

“Sure. Sounds like fun.”

“Alright, so we’ll see you at seven then,” Derek said. “Mark, do you want to let Callie and the others know?”

“Sure.” Mark turned and headed down the hall. He wasn’t sure what had just happened. The only thing he did know was that he needed to find Callie. If anyone could appreciate what just happened it was her…


UP NEXT: Meredith

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Tori: YangandMcDreamy-Coffeefalling_slowly on March 16th, 2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
HaHaHa....I really love this story! And thinks for two updates in one day. thats the best ever :-)
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 16th, 2009 02:50 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! It's a fun story to write, so I'm just glad you're enjoying it!
Tori: CrisMer-DontSayItHappensfalling_slowly on March 16th, 2009 03:15 pm (UTC)
And I LOVE your icon...hehehe.
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 16th, 2009 03:21 pm (UTC)
Ha! Yes, my three favorite attendings. It's a hotness overload!
lolcitsacras: CY mondayslolcitsacras on March 16th, 2009 02:15 pm (UTC)
“Dart tournament at Joe’s,” LOL...nice cover=D
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 16th, 2009 02:47 pm (UTC)
Poor Mark. It hard to think when the subject of your conversation suddenly shows up! :)
ga_yo on March 16th, 2009 06:44 pm (UTC)
That damn Mark!! Can't help but love him! You captured him well too. Another great installation! Thanks!
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 16th, 2009 07:14 pm (UTC)
Welcome! Mark's such a great character, I wish they utilized him better on the show. ;)
Beatricebeatricej on March 16th, 2009 06:46 pm (UTC)
This was by far the best chapter! I enjoyed it so much, but maybe that's because I love Mark. :)
I hope you're going to write about that tournament, sounds like a fun story!
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 16th, 2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
I love Mark too. This one was fun to write. :) And yes, I'm gonna be writing the tournament. Fun times will be had by all!
floripediafloripedia on March 16th, 2009 07:29 pm (UTC)
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 16th, 2009 07:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
singer201 on March 16th, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC)
This one ranks right up there beside Alex's. You have Mark's tone just right. Loved it!
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 17th, 2009 12:12 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks! I find it easier to write the characters that I most like, i.e. Mark, Derek, Alex. Personally I'm most LIKE Meredith so we'll see how that one turns out.
elliejgirl: Greys:  touching handselliejgirl on March 17th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
Ah ha! I knew Mark wouldn't last 5 minutes without telling someone.
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 17th, 2009 12:08 pm (UTC)
Lol. Of course, he can't, he's Mark! What would we do without him? :)
nursebadass on March 17th, 2009 01:56 am (UTC)
Haha, I love it. Good stuff.
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 17th, 2009 12:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :D
lee pace's moustache: hee hee blairwhimsey on March 17th, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
Ha! Lexie running her mouth to Mark. In turn, he does it to. I find that adorable that he is a gossiper.

The dart tournament idea just made me laugh. I wonder how well they will do.

Another wonderful job! :D
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 17th, 2009 12:04 pm (UTC)
Ha! Glad you enjoyed it! :D
Tori: Cristina-Sadfalling_slowly on March 30th, 2009 01:02 am (UTC)
Hey I miss your story!!! :-) hope things are well!!!
michellemtsu: Cristina & Owen 4michellemtsu on March 30th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
Don't worry, I'm posting the next chapter shortly. My internet's been wonky all weekend, so I haven't been able to post it until now. Enjoy!
Karenxkiisstheraiin on March 30th, 2009 06:37 am (UTC)

Okay, again, I am way behind in commenting and whatnot, but that chapter was rockin :) Oh, Mark... gotta have a soft spot for him x]

Darts.. right. This should be interesting xD
michellemtsu: Mark/Derek/Owenmichellemtsu on March 30th, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, this darts thing should be hilarious. What was Mark thinking? :D