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29 September 2007 @ 01:26 pm
Premiere Week in Review  
Ok, I know I haven't posted in a VERY long time. Things have been crazy. But fall premiere week is here and I have reviews to write! This year it'll be a mixture of old shows and new shows. I think I'll keep it weekly, simply because I have lots of other writing to do. Here we go...

Monday: I intended to watch Journeyman. Unfortunately, I was sitting outside the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville waiting to talk to Luke Bryan. Fortunately the episode is online so I'll try to watch it before the second episode airs on Monday. I love Kevin McKidd so I know I'll be watching regardless!

Tuesday: This is a very busy night. Thank goodness for DVR or I'd be screwed.

NCIS was awesome. I don't know about anyone else but I was a wreck when the gang got to the blown up car. I cried buckets over Tony and very close to throttling Jenny. She's obsessed. Although the Frog is dead now, so who knows. I love how the team rallied around Tony. I can't really say that I'm sad that Tony's girlfriend is gone. I never liked her. Next week looks good.

It is so good to have Bones back! I loved everything. Angela and Jack. The return of Zack. Cam's advice to Booth. And most especially, Booth and Bones. They rock. You could tell that Booth missed her so much. I felt so bad for him. I can't believe she blamed him for Zack leaving. Seems kind of unreasonable to me. But that's Bones for you. I like the serial killer angle this year. Although I hope they address the lingering Gravedigger issue.

House. What else needs to be said? The man and the show both rock. I was a tiny bit unsure about how the season would start, but I needn't have worried. The case wasn't all that interesting, although I felt really bad for the mother and boyfriend in the end. What was really interesting was all the House/Wilson banter. That's always my favorite thing about House. Everything from the guitar napping to the patient break-in was hilarious. I really wish the writers would either replace Cuddy or get her back to the Season 1 version. Honestly. What is her problem? Most of the time I just want to strangle her. The very idea of her and House makes me nauseous. I may have to go hurl before the season is over.

Wednesday: This is going to be an interesting night.

Private Practice: I'm giving the Grey's spin off a shot. It was decent. Not the greatest hour of tv ever, but not horrible either. I love Tim Daly, so I'll watch it as long as it's on. I loved Addison's speech at the end. Hopefully, she'll be more like she was when she first showed up on Grey's and not the wishy washy Addison she became. Jury's still out on everyone else though.

Dirty, Sexy, Money: Holy crap, I LOVE this show! The Darlings are just wacky enough to love. And I'm really intrigued by who killed Nick's dad. Right now my money's on Brian, but who knows. I won't be surprised if it was Tripp. I'm not terribly fond of Nick's wife. She seems kind of needy. Definitely looking forward to seeing this series unfold.

Thursday: Most packed night of the week!

Smallville: Wow. That's all I can say is wow. I knew that both Chloe and Lana were alive so that part wasn't as interesting as it should have been. I still want to know how Chloe's power works though. I'm confused. Clark taking on his doppleganger ROCKED. I know it was short, but awesome. I don't know if Lex's repentance is gonna stick this time, but we'll see.

Grey's Anatomy: I'll be honest I was waffling on whether to watch this or not. Last season left me so angry that I didn't know if I could do it again. I'm glad I did though. I was pretty decent. Loved all of our new residents giving they're new interns the Bailey speech. I can't stand Lexie. I just want her to go away. Stop with Mer's daddy issues already. Loved the interaction between Mark and Derek. There's hope for them yet. Izzie needs to go away. I really can't stand her. Hopefully this Gizzie thing will stop soon. As far as Mer/Der goes...this is what they do. Back and forth. Yay for Derek defending Mer to Mark. That's why he's my favorite character.

Without a Trace: I'm watching this for one reason and one reason only. James Marsters. He was in two scenes, both of which rocked. I could watch him recite the alphabet. Seriously. The rest of the time I was bored silly.

Friday: Monday I'm only watching one show and Friday I'm only watching one show.

Moonlight: As a Joss fanatic, it should be no surprise that I'm going to watch a vampire show. This was pretty good. Not as good as Angel, but pretty good. They were some similarities but not as many as I thought. I'm looking forward to seeing how Mick's relationships evolve. Should be interesting.

Well that's it. Desperate Housewives starts tomorrow so I'll include that in next week's review. Happy viewing!
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