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19 March 2007 @ 10:31 pm
Reviews for 3/18  
I know these are a day late but here we go anyway...


Wow, I can't believe that this awesome series is almost finished. It's been an awesome ride. In the penultimate episode, there is mich good. Antony and Cleopatra. Attia and Octavia. Pullo and Varinus. A scheming Octavian. Loved Varinus telling Caesarion about his "father," Caesar. Of course the implication is that Caesarion's father is really Pullo. Great stuff. I love the relationship between Pullo and Varinus and I'm worried about those two in the upcoming battle. I hope they make it. Octavian has come a long way on the course of the series. He's always been more politcally savvy than his elders have given him credit for, but this was extreme even for him. Sending his mother and sister to be humiliated by Antony. Yikes. I knew Attia would break down when she heard Varinus's orders from Antony. At least he let them live. I wasn't sure about that. Good job of showing just how much Antony is under Cleopatra's influence. They're gonna deserve what they get.

Poor, poor Pullo. He's my favorite character in this series. Man just can't be happy. First his wife dies while carring his child. Then he gets with the slave girl (whose name is escaping me) and she gets stabbed trying to protect him from Memio. Not a smart move on her part, telling Pullo that she poisoned his wife. Pullo is not a man to piss off. After the burial he gave his wife, Pullo just through her in the water. Yikes. I hope Pullo finds Varinus before things get really, really bad. If either one of them dies, I'm gonna be really upset. Can't wait til next week, the series finale!

The Dresden Files

This was my favorite episode of the series so far. Proabably due to it's resemblence to the first book, Storm Front. We finally met Susan, Mister (Harry's cat), and Harry's office. Yay! Unfortuantely, they dropped Johnny Marcone. I was really looking forward to seeing him. Makes sense, I guess, because they dropped the Three Eye angle as well. We got to see Harry's confrontation with Bianca in all it's grisly glory. Murphy tried to arrest Harry (again). I knew the bad guy was Victor, but that's ok. The demon was pretty cool. Morgan still freaks me out as does Ancient Mai. She's really creepy. My biggest gripe? NO BOB!! How can you have an episode of the Dresden Files with no Bob?! It makes no sense. I kept thinking he'll be in the next scene, but he was no where to be found. That's just wrong. I'm still not crazy about the change from talking skull to person trapped in the skull, but I'm dealing. Bob better be back next week, that's all I have to say.

I'm really happy with how the show is going so far. I was a little skeptical at first, because I love the books so much, as well as James Marsters reading of them on audio, but they're doing a good job. Still love the books better, but I'll keep watching as long as the series lasts!

That's all for now. Til next time...
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