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29 January 2008 @ 11:45 pm
If Tomorrow Never Comes, ch. 13  
Title: If Tomorrow Never Comes
Rating: For Mature Adults
Word Count: 1538
Pairing: Mick/Beth
Disclaimer: Yeah, right. *is sad*
Author's note: This one is for all the Josef fans! I've never written a Josef-centric chapter so I hope he's not too OOC. I don't think he is, but I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks! Enjoy!

Chapter Thirteen

The Ferrari practically flew to the Sacred Hearts Hospital emergency room. The passenger seat was soaked in Beth’s blood. I’m going to need to reupholster the interior, Josef thought. The gash in Beth’s thigh was the worst of her injuries. Luckily for her, it didn’t appear to have pierced the femoral artery. Still, the blood loss had been significant enough to cause her to pass out. She definitely needed a blood transfusion or two.

Josef wove expertly in and out of traffic, trying to ignore the smell of Beth’s blood. His hands were covered with it. The vampire in him demanded he drain what Beth had left to give, but Josef ruthlessly suppressed his bloodlust. Ingesting even a drop of Beth’s blood was a good way to get him killed, something Josef had no intention of doing for a very long time. Thankfully, Josef pulled into the emergency room parking lot about a minute later.  

The emergency room receptionist’s eyes widened in shock as Josef, carrying Beth, stepped through the automatic glass doors. He was a sight. Carrying Beth had soaked his shirt and pants with her blood. Beth lay limp in his arms, a steady trickle of blood hitting the floor as Josef walked.

A young ER intern came dashing forward. “What happened to her?”

“She’s got a gash in her right thigh. She’s lost a lot of blood,” Josef replied.

“Bring her to Trauma 2.”

Josef laid Beth on the gurney and stepped back allowing the ER team to do their jobs. He watched as they cut off Beth’s clothing and toss it into a plastic bag. A couple of nurses tended the cuts on Beth’s arms while the intern hung a bag of O negative and inserted the needle into Beth’s arm. One of the ER attendings came in to access the situation.

“We have to get that wound closed.”

The nurse on Beth’s right side reached for a suture kit and handed it over. The doctor clamped off a couple of small arteries that were still bleeding. After cleaning out the wound, he began to crudely sew up Beth’s leg.

Josef’s eyes narrowed. “Can’t you be a little neater with those?”

The doctor – Young according to his badge – acknowledged Josef’s presence for the first time, eyeing him warily. “Look, if I don’t get this wound closed right now she could bleed out. We can clean it up later. Do you want her to live or not?”

Josef nodded, chastised. Vampires and hospitals definitely do not mix. Keep your trap shut and let them do their jobs. He settled for standing menacingly in the corner. At some point, someone handed Josef a clipboard of papers to fill out. He scrawled in what he could. Another bag of O negative was hung; this one too quickly disappeared. But gradually color began to come back into Beth’s face. Her heartbeat was stronger too. Dr. Young came up to Josef.

“We’ve got,” Dr. Young looked down at the clipboard, “Miss Turner stabilized. You wanna tell me what happened, Mr. –“

“Konstantin.” He paused. “The truth? A deranged serial killer sliced her open. I found her passed out in an abandoned mechanic’s shop.”

“She’s got a bump on her head that should be looked at. Are you her – “

Josef held up a hand. “I’m a friend. She’s actually my best friend’s girl.”

“Well they’re both lucky you were there. We’re going to move her upstairs in a few minutes, if you want to go with her.”

“I’ll do that.”

The ER intern wheeled Beth’s gurney into the elevator. Josef followed warily. They got off on the fifth floor and entered a small private room. The intern went to call for someone to help lift Beth into the bed, but Josef interrupted. “You hold the bag and I’ll do it.”

The intern looked a Josef skeptically but nodded. Josef gathered Beth in his arms and lifted her effortlessly from the gurney to the bed. Satisfied she was settled; Josef sat in the chair next to the bed and waited.

Josef knew Mick was there before he came in the room. “How is she?” Mick asked from the doorway.

“As well as can be expected. They gave her three blood transfusions and sewed up her leg.”

“Why is she still unconscious?”

“Apparently, she got a nasty bump on the head. That combined with the blood loss and you’ve got your very own Sleeping Beauty.”

Mick still hadn’t moved from the doorway. Josef got up and placed his hand on Mick’s shoulder. “She’s a fighter, Mick. She’ll come out of this just fine. You should stay with her. I’m sure she’d much prefer to see your ugly mug when she wakes up instead of mine.”

Mick crossed the room and sat in the chair Josef had vacated. Tears welled up in his eyes as he took Beth’s hand and squeezed. Josef turned to go.



“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Josef left the hospital and climbed in his ruined Ferrari. He pulled out his phone and dialed his office. Ryder answered on the third ring.

“Ryder, I need you to hack into the LAPD’s mainframe. I want to know where Benjamin Hobbs is being held.”

“Give me a second.”

Josef waited. The smell of Beth’s blood hung heavy in the air. I really need to have this whole interior gutted, Josef thought for the second time. He was pulled out of his thoughts by Ryder.

“OK. Hobbs is being transferred from downtown in an hour. What’s going on?”

“Just some unfinished business,” Josef responded. “Anything else?”

“Nope. Hey, is Beth – “

“She’s unconscious but otherwise fine. Mick’s with her.”

“Good, I was worried.”

“I’ll be back to the office soon.”

Josef snapped his phone shut and put his key in the ignition. He fired up the Ferrari and pulled out into Los Angeles traffic. Unlike his other excursions that night, Josef took his time. The downtown precinct wasn’t that far from the hospital and Josef was in no hurry. He pulled into a dark portion of the police parking lot and killed the engine. He checked his watch. There was still a half an hour until Hobbs was moved. Josef climbed out of the car and made his way toward the building, keeping to the shadows. He found a light pole to stand behind and waited.

Long moments passed. Then Josef heard a lock disengage. Two uniformed cops led Hobbs out of the building. Due to the handcuffs the two young officers had trouble maneuvering the prisoner. They looked green, fresh out of the Academy. Good, thought Josef. That’ll make this easier. Josef followed the rookie officers as they made their way to the cruiser, keeping a discreet distance. The first officer actually dropped his keys when he went to unlock the car. Unbelievable, Josef thought. He used the distraction to make his move.

The officer standing with Hobbs was on the ground before he knew what hit him. Hobbs looked around wildly trying to see the attacker. Seeing no one he ran awkwardly into the night. The other officer made to give chase, but Josef was faster. He brought his right fist back a second time and hit the officer in the temple, knocking him cold. Josef didn’t need then dead, just incapacitated temporarily. Seeing Hobbs take off, Josef tore after him. With his vamp speed, he overtook Hobbs easily. As it happened, Hobbs took off in the direction of Josef’s Ferrari. You have got to be kidding, he thought. Josef grabbed Hobbs by the shoulders and threw him to the ground.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” Josef asked.

Hobbs didn’t respond; his eyes dared around trying to find a way out of his latest predicament. The lack of response irritated Josef. He hauled Hobbs up by the scruff of the neck and looked him in the eye. “Did you think there wouldn’t be consequences? That you could mess with me and mine?”

“What are you talking about? I don’t know you from Adam.”

Josef dragged Hobbs over to the soaked passenger seat. “See that? It’s my friend’s blood. Blood your brother spilled. You knew, didn’t you? You’ve been helping him, right?”

Hobbs stared at the blood soaked seat; he stared to gag. Josef shook him violently. “Answer me,” he growled.

“Yes. I’d find the girls. Zac said he wanted something to play with. I’ve always taken care of him. So I’d pick the girl set Zac loose. It was a game.”

Josef didn’t really care about the whys and wherefores of Hobbs’ situation. All he knew was that these two had come after people he cared about and for that they would pay. He felt his eyes fade to white and fangs extend. Hobbs saw Josef change and struggled to get out of the vampire’s grip. Josef, not one to play with his food, sank his teeth into Hobbs’ neck and drank slowly. Gradually, Hobbs’ struggles ceased as the life force was drained out of him. Josef wiped his mouth and pulled out his phone.


“I have two stops for you. The downtown police precinct and a mechanic’s shop on Wilshire.”

To be continued…

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Bleu Daisy: Dark and Immortalbleudaisy on January 30th, 2008 08:28 am (UTC)
This is by far the best installment yet!!! THANK YOU! *^_^*

Can you hear me swooning? Oh yes, I think you can. Okay, some of my favorite Josef moments...

1. The passenger seat was soaked in Beth’s blood. I’m going to need to reupholster the interior, Josef thought. -- Oh my God...this is SO classic Josef. ^_^

2. As it happened, Hobbs took off in the direction of Josef’s Ferrari. You have got to be kidding, he thought. -- Is he adorable, or what? ^_^

3. "Did you think there wouldn’t be consequences? That you could mess with me and mine?” -- Oh yes, perpetual coolness is the vampire's curse and Josef wears it best when he's threatening someone. Sooo sexy!

And my personal favorite...

4. Josef dragged Hobbs over to the soaked passenger seat. “See that? It’s my friend’s blood." -- I actually laughed very hard out loud at this. We've now reached the "show and tell" portion of Josef's program. Please pay attention, Hobbs. You see, the payoff is coming soon. And it will be with your blood, you creep. Oh, he so richly deserved what Josef gave him. *^_^*

Josef is so amazing and you capture him SO well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are a real gem of a writer.
michellemtsumichellemtsu on January 30th, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
Wow. Maybe I should write Josef more often. I'm ecstatic that you liked it. Thanks!
heartagram_lala: Moonlight - Mick/Beth near youheartagram_lala on January 30th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
another AWESOME chapter =D

you did josef pov really well =D
Cat Moonmscatmoon on January 31st, 2008 11:53 am (UTC)
Yes, you did a fine job with Josef! I had to LOL at the last few lines, 'cause when Mick just left the other body I was thinking, "What does Josef have to call the cleaner for you TOO?!" He's good at coming to the rescue (although he'd hate hearing that!).
michellemtsumichellemtsu on January 31st, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
Yes, he would. That doesn't stop him from doing it though! :)